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Vocals, Guitars & Bass, using a variety of industry standard gear & microphones. Real Piano Recordings available! Drum programming/editing also available. Drum recordings - please enquire.


Able to provide the sound you want, using some of the most popular industry standard plug-ins and crafting a unique sound for your art.


Focused on Rock & Metal, having more than 17 years experience and including label and self-financed releases. You could ask for a full song from start to finish or pre-production assistance.




The studio and some of our gear.


See our current offers! Packages can always change to client's need.


EP Mixing

5 songs EP Mixing 


Song Writing

1 song from start to finish


Song Writing & Mixing

1 song from start to finish+mixing 



I'm Vasilis(Vas) Papageorgakopoulos. I am currently operating in London, UK and Peloponnese, Greece.  I have experience in audio and music since 2005. I have recorded label and self-financed releases and helped fellow musicians with their vision providing production expertise and guidance through the process.

My latest release is 'The Tragedy Of Being Human' EP, by the band 'Hilltops Are For Dreamers', which I have composed, co-recorded and mixed.

I have worked with Jordan Valeriote (Auras, Intervals, Silverstein, Nick Johnston) and the team to develop my mixing and audio engineering skills further. I have also completed one year of Sound Engineering & Music Production and Mixing & Mastering at Morley College, London, UK. Last but not least, I have attended one year of Acoustic Design and Digital Sound (MSc Level) at the Hellenic Open University. 

I have spent a fair amount of time in studios, assisting or recording albums for personal projects and bands.

I have recently launched my studio in Greece, Hilltops Recordings HQs. A cosy space to work and mix, where people can also record real piano.


Single, EP releases and Songwriting services as described by our clients.


Band: Hilltops Are For Dreamers
-Service: Mixing, Guitar & vocal recordings, signwriting, composing and arranging, guitar playing, video shooting-

'The latest release from the melodic UK/Greek metal band. Vas's personal project with a collaboration of amazing musicians in vocals, bass and drums'. All songs written by Vas, guitars and vocals recorded at Hilltops Recordings. The EP has been mixed in detail by Vas at Hilltops Recordings. Click the image to watch the video for the song 'The Firmament, directed by Vas and Hilltops Recordings.'


Band: Spirtokouto
(Greek lyrics rock band)

-Release: Single
-Service: Mixing, Guitar & bass recordings, session guitar and bass, composing and arranging, drums arrangement-

'A really exciting collaboration from day one! We sent Vas just few chords and the vocal melody, and he made it into a full produced radio friendly track. Vas arranged, recorded and mixed the song from scratch. He provided a great, catchy and easy listening sound to our music, something that we have never experienced with other producers in the past. Totally recommended! You should try Hilltops Recordings! Click the image and listen to the song on Spotify!'


Band: Yeah, Nevermind
-Release: EP
-Service: Guitar & bass recordings, session guitar, co-arranging-

'I can honestly say that working with Hilltops Recordings was instrumental in getting my debut EP finished and released. Vas was able to help me take vague ideas and turn them into complete songs, adding lots of little details that resulted in an amazing finished product. He also helped with the actual guitar playing and joined me in the studio when I was recording vocals to give me ideas and feedback. There is a chance that I would’ve been able to finish the EP by myself, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it wasn’t for his assistance. I’m definitely working with him again in the future! Click the image and listen to the song on Spotify!'


Please provide a high level summary of what you would like to achieve with your project.
You will receive a detailed response including next steps, studio availability, rates and only payment methods.
Once agreed, your work is in good hands!

Thanks for submitting!

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